Calan Mai

Calan Mai Festival

calan mai

calan Mai is celebrated on 1st May which is also known as May Day. It is a traditional festival. It marks the beginning of summer and is associated with fertility, growth and abundance.


History of Calan Mai

The origins of Calan Mai can be traced to ancient Celtic traditions, where it was celebrated as part of the festival of Beltane. In Wales, it is often called Calan Half, which means “the first day of summer.”


Calan Mai Traditions

During calan Mai, people traditionally light bonfires and decorate their homes and themselves with flowers. They may also participate in rituals to honor the goddess of fertility and welcome the coming of summer.

In Wales, it is customary to celebrate Calan Mai by washing his face in the morning dew, which is believed to bring good luck and beauty for the rest of the year. People often take out processions, sing songs and dance during the festival.

In modern times, Calan Mai is still celebrated in Wales and other parts of the world as a way of honoring nature and welcoming the coming of summer.