Day of the Child

day of the childDay of the Child

Day of the Child, also known as Día del Nino, is a day celebrated in countries around the world to promote the welfare, rights and happiness of children.

Día del Niño was first celebrated in Mexico in 1925. It is also called “Day of the Innocent”. Earlier this day was celebrated on 28 December, later it was changed to 30 April.

Schools are closed on this day in Mexico and American countries and this day is celebrated with parades, festivals and special events.


Children’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Examples…


1. Universal Children’s Day – 20 November
2. India – 14 November
3. Japan – 5 May
4. United States – Second Sunday in June
5. Mexico – April 30
6. Brazil – October 12
7. South Korea – May 5
8. Türkiye – 23 April
9. Argentina – Second Sunday in August
10. China – June 1