Day of Trees

Day Of Trees (Colombia)


day of trees

The Day of the Trees is a day celebrated annually in Colombia on April 29, a tradition that dates back to 1594 in the Spanish village of Mondonedo, Colombia. Which is also celebrated as Arbor Day in other countries. The word “arbor” in Latin means “tree”. The day is celebrated worldwide to promote tree plantation and conservation. This day is the time to understand the importance of trees for our environment, economy and our society.

Arbor Day was first celebrated in the United States on April 10, 1872, in Nebraska. The idea of celebrating this day came from J. Sterling Morton who was a journalist and politician. On that day he and his family celebrated this day by planting thousands of trees and wanted to promote tree plantation around the world.

From that day this day became an annual festival. This day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. This festival is celebrated in about 40 countries. On this day countries around the world organize their own celebrations to promote tree planting and conservation. Arbor Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries depending on the climate and the best time to plant trees.

The most common way of celebrating Tree Day is by planting trees. Many schools, colleges organize tree plantation programs at public places on this day. On this day teachers celebrate this day by organizing programs and many other activities to promote the importance of trees under stano, here they make people aware about the care of trees, benefits of trees etc.

This day is an important day for our environment, our economy and our society. Trees have a great role in our environment and our lives. Let us celebrate this day by coming together to plant trees and take care of them so that we can help create a better environment and future for the generations to come.


Do you know ?


The oldest tree in the world is more than 4,800 years old named Great Basin Bristlecone Pine Tree.


The world's tallest tree

The world’s tallest tree is 379 feet which is present in California.