National Beer Lovers Day

Beer is one of life’s simple pleasures enjoyed around the world. From classic lagers and ales to innovative new brews, there’s a beer for every taste. August 7th marks National Beer Lovers Day – a chance to appreciate this iconic beverage and the craft behind it.

National Beer Lovers Day

A Brief History of Beer

Archaeological evidence dates brewing back over 7,000 years to ancient Mesopotamia. Early Sumerians are believed to have brewed a type of beer made from grains and flavored with honey.

Origins in Egypt and Mesopotamia

During Egypt’s Old Kingdom around 2700 BC, beer had gained popularity as a daily staple. Brewing rituals formed part of religious practices and beer’s medicinal qualities were acknowledged. In Mesopotamia, elaborate codes documented quality control.

spread Throughout Europe

After the fall of Rome, monasteries became important centers of brewing, helping spread beer culture. Medieval Europe saw beer as safer than unsanitary water. By the 15th century, reinheitsgebot purity laws set Bavaria’s standard.

Beer Types Around the World


Pilsner, helles and American light lagers dominate globally. Using bottom-fermenting yeast strains at lower temps creates pale, crisp beers.


Top-fermenting ales originated in England, Germany, Belgium and beyond. Varieties include India Pale Ale (IPA), stout, porter, wheat and sour/wild ales.

Regional Specialties

Lambics fruit sours of Belgium, gose of Germany, saisons of France, and barrel-aged beers exhibit regional styles. Asia and Latin America also develop unique local varieties.

Appreciating Different Styles

Color and Clarity

Pale straw to black, beers range from transparent to opaque depending on malts used.

Aroma and Flavor

Beers accent different malt flavors from bread-like to coffee-ish or caramel through hops imparting citrus, pine or floral notes.

Mouthfeel and Body

Thin bodied pilsners contrast full-bodied imperial stouts. Carbonation, alcohol content and smoothness affect mouthfeel.

Pairing with Food

Light lagers complement simple fare while robust porters stand up to burgers. Delicate sours cut richness; malty Oktoberfests marry sausage & pretzels. Experiment!

Celebrating Craft Brew Culture

Discover Local Breweries

Microbreweries and nanobreweries pioneer exciting new styles. Tour facilities to learn the brewing process.

attend Festivals and Competitions

Beer fests offer tastings from regional, national and international brewers. Competitions award style excellence.

Learn Beer’s Nuances

Understand recipe variations and tasting techniques to identify characteristics. Homebrewing classes teach DIY skills.

Support Independent Brewers

Independent craft brands push innovation. Seek out locally produced beers for freshest flavor and to boost small businesses.

Raising a Glass on August 7th

National Beer Lovers Day invites sampling diverse brews within guidelines. Share discoveries on social media using hashtags like #nationalbeerloversday.

At home or socially-distanced meetups, enjoy responsibly discussing beer’s cultural impact through millennia. Celebrate brewers empowering communities worldwide through their passion. Prost!


Whether appreciated casually or studied intently, beer connects people globally. This August 7th, honor that legacy over an ice-cold beer. Perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite or gain fresh insight into a familiar brew. However it’s marked, National Beer Lovers Day encourages sharing community and insight into one of humankind’s oldest and most enduring beverages. Prosit!