National Bow Tie Day

August 28th is time to don your most dapper neckwear, gents! Get those bow ties looped and cinched to perfection, because it’s National Bow Tie Day. This annual celebration calls attention to the sophisticated bow tie, a menswear staple that adds polish to any outfit. Despite ups and downs in popularity over decades, bow ties endure as a classic fashion accessory evoking timeless elegance.

National Bow Tie Day

Follow along as we knot out the history, allure, and how-to behind the bow tie. Discover inspired ways to participate in National Bow Tie Day yourself, from wearing vivacious prints to learning to tie one with finesse. When it comes to impeccable style, the bow tie delivers.

A Brief History of the Bow Tie

The genesis of today’s bow tie dates back to the 17th century wardrobes of Croatian mercenaries, who donned knotted neckerchiefs. French fashion enthusiasts adapted the striking accessory, and “la cravate” became a stylish aristocratic trend during the Enlightenment era alongside powdered wigs and silk knee breeches.

By the 1900s, the bow tie had crossed the Atlantic and become a staple in formal menswear as America entered the prosperous Gilded Age. It adorned distinguished gentlemen and the wealthy elite. However, by the 1960s, bow ties waned as counterculture fashions became relaxed and anti-establishment.

In recent decades though, the bow tie has re-emerged through vintage revivals and dapper throwback style. Both poised and playful, the bow tie now gets interpreted across the menswear spectrum for a singular flair.

Hallmarks of Debonair Style

What gives the bow tie its debonair stylistic appeal?

Polished: A perked bow tie atop a pressed shirt and blazer displays attention to detail for a refined effect.

Practical: Bow ties stay neatly tied without slipping compared to long neckties. The short length also avoids dangly fabric.

Professional: For lawyers, politicians, professors and others, bow ties project erudite authority befitting leadership roles.

Artistic: The small canvas allows creative patterns, textures, colors and elements that make bow ties miniature showpieces.

Personal: Due to limitless custom options, bow ties showcase the wearer’s personality – whether classic, quirky or unconventionally bold.

Timeless: While trends come and go, the bow tie’s been in style since the 1700s for its eternally sophisticated aesthetic.

For exhibiting polish and panache, the appeal of the bow tie persists.

Celebrating with Style on National Bow Tie Day

Gentlemen, how will you rock your bow tie style on its big day?

  • Go vintage – Sport a vintage silk bow tie from iconic haberdasheries like Brooks Brothers for a nod to the classics.
  • Get creative – Express your interests with novelty prints of animals, foods, hobbies or witty motifs that show your passions.
  • Go bright – Make a bold statement by opting for a rich jewel-toned or neon bow tie that packs visual punch.
  • Dress it up – Formal events call for bow ties in luxurious fabrics like satin or velvet paired with well-cut tuxedos or dress coats.
  • Keep it neat – Show attention to detail with a precisely tied and lint-free bow tie, seamlessly coordinated with your outfit.
  • Share knowledge – Teach the next generation how to tie a bow tie and carry on suave style traditions.

However you choose to participate, use National Bow Tie Day as an opportunity to incorporate this menswear must-have into your year-round fashion repertoire.


Dapper gents have long recognized the bow tie’s potential to instantly elevate any outfit with a touch of polish, personality and panache. On August 28th, National Bow Tie Day invites all men to experiment with bow tie styles, honor their sartorial possibilities, and discover the confidence an impeccably knotted neckpiece inspires. Because incorporating the bow tie into your wardrobe repertoire ties any look together.