National Family Day

National Family Day is annually observed on the September 26th to recognize the indispensable role of families in communities across America. With rising divorce rates and more single-parent homes, this holiday underscores the enduring importance of strong family bonds for personal happiness and societal well-being.

National Family Day

The History Behind National Family Day

National Family Day was started in 2006 by civil engineer Michael LeBlanc and his family in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada after recognizing families needed dedicated time to celebrate their unity. In 2007, the U.S. followed suit by formally establishing May as National Family Month to similarly focus on nurturing relationships between parents and children.

The First Sunday

LeBlanc chose the first Sunday in May as it fell after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, allowing families an additional opportunity for togetherness before summer activities. Over 15 years, National Family Day has spread awareness of balancing work-life responsibilities and prioritizing family traditions.

Why Families are Vital to Communities

Foundation of Society

Healthy families provide stability that societies depend on. Through procreation, families ensure population maintenance and future generations to continue cultural values.

Emotional Support System

The unconditional love and care families offer meets basic human needs for belonging and plays a key role in members’ mental wellbeing and resilience against hardships.

Economic Contributions

By raising productive members of society, families are the primary economic unit shouldering responsibilities like birthing and rearing future workers and taxpayers.

Moral Compass

The moral guidance and life lessons imparted in functioning families help establish lawful, compassionate and civic-minded citizens who strengthen communities.

International Day of Families

Honoring Family Values on National Family Day

Dedicated Time Together

Schedule a day without obligations to bond through activities like games, crafts, outdoor excursions or home-cooked meals together.

Tradition of Service

Give back through acts of service as a team, whether helping senior neighbors, volunteering at a shelter or fundraising for a cause.

Storytelling and Memories

Look at old photographs together and have each member share meaningful recollections that strengthen family history and pride in roots.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Express thanks to each member for their contributions large and small through heartfelt cards, speeches or gifts symbolizing love and care.

Focus on the Future

Use the day to envision how to cultivate even closer relationships and tackle issues to set the family up for further success.


National Family Day is a heartwarming opportunity to express immense gratitude toward the first social unit that provides lifetime guidance, unconditional acceptance and economic support. By making this day a priority, families can strengthen their bonds and navigate challenges with unity, optimism and care for one another’s wellbeing – continuing to lay the foundation for stable, compassionate communities nationwide far into the future.