National Woman Road Warrior Day

National Woman Road Warrior Day is an annual observance celebrated every year on September 19th. This day recognizes and honors the contributions of all women who travel frequently for work. In today’s fast paced business world, many professional women find themselves on the road regularly meeting clients, attending conferences and presentations or managing projects in different locations. These road warriors face unique challenges while balancing their personal and professional lives. This day pays tribute to their skills, perseverance and commitment.

National Woman Road Warrior Day


The first National Woman Road Warrior Day was celebrated in 2015. It was created by author and speaker Catherine Newman who noticed the rising number of women frequently traveling for their jobs. However, their experiences and difficulties often went unrecognized. Through her work as a consultant and public speaker, Newman met many ambitious female executives and entrepreneurs who spent a significant portion of their time on the road. Despite juggling family responsibilities, these women rose to leadership roles through hard work and dedication.

Newman wanted a day dedicated to celebrating the contributions of these women. She decided on June 20th to coincide with the end of the summer travel season. This gave businesses, organizations and community groups time to plan events honoring road warriors. Since then, Newman has advocated to raise awareness about this observation through her blog and social media. Each year on this day, supporters use the hashtag #WomenRoadWarriors to share stories, photos and messages of appreciation.

Challenges Faced by Women Road Warriors
While traveling opens up opportunities, it also presents unique hardships especially for women. Here are some of the common challenges faced by professional women who travel frequently for work:

Work-Life Balance

Being away from home for extended periods disrupts normal routines and family time. Road warriors have to juggle responsibilities like childcare, eldercare, home maintenance remotely. Managing a healthy work-life integration is difficult when traveling regularly.

Safety Concerns

When traveling to unfamiliar locations especially late at night, women may face safety issues like danger of assault or harassment. Risks are higher when attending conferences alone. Road warriors have to be extra vigilant about personal security.

Health Problems

Spending long hours sitting in airports, trains or cars can cause physical issues like back pain, leg cramps or obesity due to unhealthy food choices while traveling. Effects of jet lag, lack of exercise and poor sleep also impact well-being.

Social Isolation

Frequent travelers may feel cut off from family, friends and local communities. Lack of personal connections can lead to loneliness, stress and low morale over time. Building a support system is challenging when constantly on the move.

Career Obstacles

Some companies don’t consider extensive travel feasible long-term, especially for women. Assumptions about family responsibilities can negatively impact career growth opportunities. Lack of face time at office can also reduce chances of promotions.

Schedule Self-Care

Plan relaxing activities like yoga, massage, walks to maintain health. Schedule dentist/doctor checkups in advance. Maintain routine through exercise, meditation while traveling.

Use Technology Wisely

Video call family daily. Apps like WhatsApp, Facetime keep loneliness at bay. Digital calendars shared with partner helps stay organized as a team.

Be Prepared

Keep essentials, backup chargers, adapters, snacks, hydrating lotions, first-aid kit in accessible bags. Research destinations, book accommodations ahead to avoid hassles.

Build Safe Routines

Favour well-lit routes, schedule return transport, share trip plans. Benefits of co-working spaces emerge – chance to socialize while working efficiently.

Advocate for Self

Request schedule customized to lifestyle needs. Highlight value as dedicated global representative achieving projects anywhere. Demand consideration for family priorities during performance reviews.

Appreciating Road Warriors
National Woman Road Warrior Day is a chance to recognize the contributions of these remarkable professionals. Here are some ways to appreciate road warrior women in your life:

Send Cards/Gifts

Send thank you cards, care packages, gift vouchers for favorite restaurants or spas to boost morale while traveling.

Organize Events

Plan breakfast/lunch meetings exclusively for local woman road warriors to network, support each other. Invite families as well for community bonding experience.

Share Appreciation Publicly

Write blog posts, give radio/podcast interviews highlighting skills road warriors cultivate like confidence, multi-tasking, resilience under pressure.

Offer Resources

Compile reference lists of reputed local services like mechanics, medical facilities, security in travel destinations for timely assistance.

Accommodate Needs Sensitively

Managers consider schedule adjustments, longer vacations to offset work travel stress. Understanding shown to competence demonstrated on the road goes a long way.

In conclusion, National Woman Road Warrior Day is a celebration of the grit, talent and dedication of professional women who juggle job demands of constant travel. Their contributions to various industries remain largely unrecognized but this day acknowledges their successes and sacrifices. With support and resources, more women will feel empowered to take on career paths involving extensive travel.