Star Trek Day

September 8th honors the iconic Star Trek franchise on its founding day. Since 2020, fans worldwide unite to celebrate 55 years of exploration, inclusiveness and hope for humanity’s future amongst the stars.

Star Trek Day

The Origins of Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry first pitched a “Wagon Train to the Stars” in 1964. NBC greenlit a trial pilot “The Cage”, starring Jeffrey Hunter. Though it aired later, the second pilot “Where No Man Has Gone Before” launched the original series in 1966.

The Series that Advanced Sci-Fi

Under Roddenberry, Star Trek featured diverse and progressive ideals ahead of its time regarding race relations and international peace. It explored social issues allegorically through the lens of space adventure.

Launching a Franchise Phenomenon

Running for just three seasons, the show gained cult following through syndication and fans’ letter writing brought it back as an animated series. This paved the way for multiple spin-offs, movies, books and more.

Celebrating Across Platforms

Live Events and Conventions

Cities host Star Trek conventions with guests, exclusives and sneak peeks. Las Vegas’ official Star Trek Convention annually draws 100K+ attendees.

Online Viewing Parties

Hashtags like #StarTrekDay unite fans for social viewing marathons of classic episodes. Discussions analyze enduring themes and production details.

Tributes and Exhibitions

Museums showcase props, costumes and artifacts. Libraries host talks examining Trek’s impact on literature, politics and science. New documentaries screen.

Official Star Trek Day Panel

Paramount+ streams panel discussions with cast/crew reflecting on the universe’s philosophy, evolution and hopes for its future under new creative leadership.

Exploring the Iconic Franchise

The Original Series

Kirk, Spock, Bones and crew of the USS Enterprise boldly went where no one had gone before in their 5-year mission spanning 79 episodes.

The Next Generation

Capt. Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D advanced the Federation’s exploration from 2364-2370 through 178 episodes and 4 films.

Deep Space Nine

This series set at a space station near the wormhole transformed concepts of serialized storytelling from 1993-1999 totalling 176 episodes.


Following the Starship Voyager stranded in the Delta Quadrant, it showcased strong female leads from 1995-2001 over 172 episodes.

Discovery & Beyond

Newer films and series like Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy have brought fresh perspectives to evolving 21st century audiences.

A Universe for All

Star Trek uniquely envisioned a future of cooperation, understanding and equality amongst all humanity and alien species. Its philosophy of scientific curiosity, social progress and hope still inspires. On September 8th, fans renew that vision worldwide.


For over half a century, Star Trek expanded minds by exploring hypothetical futures with prescient lessons. Its intersection of entertainment and activism emphasizes compassion above all. On Star Trek Day, celebrate the joy this saga brings while strengthening communities as our spacefaring heroes would. Live long and prosper!