Celebrating Discovery Day and the Spirit of Exploration - 21 August 2023


The History Behind Discovery Day


Discovery Day commemorates the arrival of early Polynesian explorers to the Hawaiian Islands. Learn about this important piece of Hawaiian history.

Famous Explorers Who Changed History


From Christopher Columbus to Neil Armstrong, explore some of the most famous explorers and their world-changing discoveries.

Discovery in the 21st Century


Exploration continues through space travel, deep sea diving, and more. See how modern explorers are pushing boundaries.

Inspiring Kids to Explore on Discovery Day


Spark curiosity and adventure in kids with Discovery Day activities like backyard explorations and nature scavenger hunts.

Quotes About Exploration from History's Greatest Explorers


Get inspired by these quotes from famous explorers, adventurers, scientists and travelers.

Undiscovered Places Left on Earth


Much of the world remains unexplored. Learn about the most remote places on the planet that are still left to document.

Discovery Museums for Curious Minds


Visit these fascinating museums to ignite the explorer spirit through interactive exhibits and discoveries.