In the realm of speculation surrounding Jennifer Lawrence and plastic surgery, the acclaimed actress recently engaged in a candid conversation with Kylie Jenner, setting the record straight on the swirling rumors.

Jennifer Lawrence plastic surgery

Dismissing the allegations with poise, Lawrence attributed her timeless appearance not to cosmetic procedures but to the artistry of makeup and the natural course of aging.

Contrary to the murmurs sparked by her attendance at the Dior Fashion Show, Lawrence vehemently denied undergoing facial procedures.

In an interview, she emphasized the transformative prowess of makeup, playfully referring to her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, as a "plastic surgeon" due to the convincing optical illusions created.

Addressing the specific conjecture about eye surgery, Lawrence clarified that the apparent change was solely the result of cosmetics expertly applied by Vanngo.

The actress, known for her roles in "The Hunger Games" and "Red Sparrow," affirmed her commitment to cosmetics over surgery for maintaining her captivating gaze.

The genesis of these rumors traces back to a discernible shift in Lawrence's appearance after the Dior Fashion Show, sparking discussions among netizens. Taking to social media, the actress confronted critics, refuting claims of a nose job or lip fillers.

Instead, she attributed the transformation to the natural progression of aging, weight loss, and facial changes that occurred from her teenage years into adulthood.