Kupala Night, also known as Ivan Kupala, is a traditional Slavic celebration that dates back to pre-Christian times. It combines elements of pagan rituals and early Christian traditions.

One of the main customs of Kupala Night is the lighting of bonfires. People jump over the flames to purify themselves and bring good luck. It is believed that couples who successfully jump together will have a strong and lasting relationship.

According to folklore, on the eve of Kupala Night, a rare and mystical fern flower blooms for only a brief moment. Finding this flower is said to grant the discoverer supernatural powers and eternal happiness.

To gain insights into their romantic futures, unmarried women traditionally float flower wreaths with lit candles down the river. The way the wreaths behave in the water is believed to reveal secrets about their future husbands.

On Kupala Night, young men and women venture into the woods in search of magical plants and herbs. These are believed to possess special powers that can attract love, promote fertility, and protect against evil spirits.

It is customary for people to bathe in rivers and lakes during Kupala Night, as it is believed that the water has healing properties on this particular night. Some even believe that swimming naked can enhance beauty and fertility.

Women weave intricate wreaths made of flowers and herbs, which they wear on their heads during Kupala Night. These wreaths are not only decorative but also believed to offer protection against evil spirits and ensure good fortune.