Pennsylvania's name means "Penn's Woods," honoring William Penn, the state's founder and the "father of Pennsylvania."

The world's first computer, the ENIAC, was unveiled in Philadelphia in 1946, marking a significant technological milestone.

Pennsylvania has more covered bridges (over 200) than any other state in the USA, providing picturesque charm.

Hershey, PA, is not only famous for chocolate but is also home to a captivating butterfly atrium, the Hershey Gardens.

The Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American independence, cracked on its first ring and has not been rung since.

The first American Zoo opened in Pennsylvania in 1874 – the Philadelphia Zoo – still entertaining visitors today.

It's illegal to sing loudly in the shower on Sundays in Pennsylvania due to an old, obscure law.

Intercourse, Pennsylvania, is a unique town known for its quaint charm and Amish heritage.