National Radio Day


National Radio Day is observed annually on August 20 .

The History of Radio


On November 20, 1920, radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh made the first commercial radio broadcast in the world. Since then, radio has evolved into a mighty medium.

Radio's Impact on Culture


From fireside chats to war broadcasts, radio has been a catalyst for cultural and societal change. Its reach and accessibility made it hugely impactful.

The Golden Age of Radio


Radio saw its peak popularity during the 1930s and 40s with comedy shows, soaps, and suspense programs captivating listeners.

DJs and Music Radio


The shift to Top 40 and rise of legendary DJs made music radio hugely popular in the 50s and 60s.

Talk and Public Radio


Talk radio became a force in the 70s. NPR brought high-quality public radio into the mainstream.

Going Global via Satellite


Satellite technology in the 90s allowed radio to be heard worldwide. It exported cultures and connected people.

Streaming and Podcasts


Modern streaming and on-demand podcasts have made radio more personalized.

Radio Fans Keep Analog Alive


For enthusiasts, analog radio remains a nostalgic passion kept alive via restoration and collecting.

The Enduring Power of Radio


Despite new tech, radio continues to evolve and thrive nearly a century since its creation.