The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle

Consider Your Face Shape

Hairstyles flatter differently based on face shapes. Learn which cuts suit oval, round, square and heart faces best.


Explore Different Lengths


Gradually try waist-length to buzz cuts to see what flatters you most over time as styles evolve.

Communicate With Your Stylist


Honestly discuss your lifestyle and preferences to find a low-maintenance 'do you love through discussion.

Maintain Your New Look


Returning for occasional trims maintains your investment so you feel polished and confident regularly.

Consider Your Hair Type


Fine, thick or curly hair require tailored cuts. Discuss your hair's properties to pick styles suiting its texture.

Choose Flattering Bangs or Fringes


Well-chosen bangs can frame your face beautifully or be best avoided if not complementary.

Find Your Personal Style


Refine your aesthetic and choose cuts evoking your expression like edgy pixies or minimalist crops.

Consider Your Lifestyle


Match your 'do to activities and preferred ease - styles for athletes differ from professionals' looks.

Love Your New Hair


With the right cut and care, appreciate your hair's contribution to your best self with confidence.