U.S. Air Force Day  18 September 2023


Join us in paying tribute to the brave men and women of the U.S. Air Force on this special day. Explore their incredible journey and achievements! #USAirForceDay

A Brief History


The U.S. Air Force was established as a separate military service on Sept. 18, 1947 after years of aviation progress in World Wars I and II.

Defending America from Above


From bombing missions to satellite networks, the Air Force provides critical capabilities like air supremacy, space control, and global strike.

Cutting-Edge Technology


The Air Force remains at the forefront of aeronautical research with programs developing stealth, hypersonic, and next-gen aircraft.

Worldwide Reach


With installations across the globe, Air Force personnel are ready to support national interests anytime, anywhere through global mobility and vigilance.

Guardian of the High Frontier


In addition to planes, the Air Force operates satellites guiding everything from communications to precision strikes from low-Earth orbit to deep space.

Elite Training & Education


The Air Force Academy and officers training schools develop leaders with expertise across science, technology, engineering, and air/space operations.

Esprit de Corps


Airmen share a fierce dedication to service, with countless acts of heroism building the respected reputation enjoyed today.

Celebrating U.S. Air Force Day


September 18th commemorates the Air Force's proud history and ongoing contributions to our nation's defense and global interests.

Honoring Those Who Serve


We're grateful for the 1.2 million Active, Guard, Reserve and civilian personnel protecting America from threats around the world and above.