World Parrot Day is observed on May 31st each year. It provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on parrots and their conservation needs.

Parrots are known for their vibrant plumage, charismatic personalities, and exceptional ability to mimic sounds and human speech.

There are over 390 species of parrots found across the globe, inhabiting diverse habitats such as tropical rainforests, savannas, and coastal regions.

Parrots play a vital role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. They assist in seed dispersal and pollination, contributing to the regeneration and diversity of plant life.

Unfortunately, many parrot species are facing significant threats, including habitat loss, illegal trade, and poaching. World Parrot Day aims to raise awareness about these challenges and inspire conservation efforts.

Conservation organizations, zoos, and bird enthusiasts worldwide participate in various events and activities on World Parrot Day, such as educational programs, birdwatching excursions, and fundraising campaigns.

World Parrot Day provides an opportunity to learn about parrot behavior, biology, and the unique adaptations that make them remarkable creatures.

Parrots are highly intelligent and social animals, capable of forming strong bonds with their human caregivers and exhibiting complex behaviors.

Some parrot species are critically endangered, such as the Spix's Macaw and the Kakapo. Efforts are underway to protect and restore their populations through breeding programs and habitat conservation.

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World Parrot Day

31 May