World Athletics Day

World Athletics Day 2023

World athletics day

World Athletics Day 2023 Theme – “Athletics for All – A New Beginning,”

Every year on May 7, there is a celebration of the athletics sport known as World Athletics Day. The International Association of Athletics Federations, the organisation in the position of arranging the event, aims to encourage and promote athletics interaction all over worldwide.

History of World Athletics Day

The IAAF created the inaugural World Athletics Day in May 7th, 1996 to promote youth athletic participation. World Athletics Day was inaugurated in this manner. Since then, the occasion has gained prominence and is now observed in more than 150 nations worldwide. Fun runs, races, and various other athletic competitions are among the many of the activities that are held yearly for the purpose of honouring World Athletics Day.


Significance of World Athletics Day

These competitions aim to encourage young people to adopt active and healthy lifestyles while also promoting the ideals of athletics, such as friendship, respect, and fair play. Increasing young people’s athletic engagement is one of the main goals of World Athletics Day.

The IAAF is committed to encouraging sport at all levels as it considers that athletics may assist in young people’s physical, social, and psychological growth. World Athletics Day offers a chance for competitors, trainers, and other members of the athletics community to get around and celebrate the sport while encouraging involvement in it.

Every year, World Athletics Day has a new theme to highlight various facets of the sport. For instance, the event’s 2020 theme, “Athletics for a Better World,” highlighted the contribution that athletics can make to encouraging social and environmental responsibility.

World Athletics Day is a significant occasion for the athletics community and offers a chance to highlight the various advantages of the sport, including as fitness, camaraderie, and fair play. The event works to guarantee that athletics thrives for decades to come by encouraging involvement in the sport among young people throughout the world.