World Red Cross Day

Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day, also known as International Red Cross Day, is observed on May 8 each year. The day honors the birth of Henry Dunant, who is recognized as the father of the Red Cross movement and founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The International Red Cross helps people who are victims of armed wars, natural disasters around the world.

For the first time on 8 May 1919, the 13th International Red Cross Conference in Paris commended the Red Cross movement and honored the achievements of Henry Dunant. The first International Red Cross Day was celebrated in 1948 to commemorate the 100th birthday of Henry Dunant.

A new theme is chosen each year for World Red Cross Day with the intention of increasing public understanding of the mission of the Red Cross and fostering support for its programs. The theme for the year 2021, “Together we are invincible,” emphasizes the value of teamwork in overcoming humanitarian issues.

The main objective of World Red Cross Day is to spread understanding of the important work done to respond to humanitarian crises around the world. This involves offering those afflicted by armed conflicts, natural catastrophes, and other crises immediate aid, healthcare, and other services. is comprised.

Recognizing the efforts of Red Cross volunteers and staff who work hard to help those in need is another major goal of World Red Cross Day. These people often act as first responders in emergency situations, and they are critical in saving lives and reducing suffering.

The occasion provided by World Red Cross Day may also be used to emphasize the value of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the contribution of the Red Cross to its promotion and enforcement. IHL is a body of rules that directs how armed conflicts are conducted and aims to protect civilians and others who are not participating in hostilities.
The event contributes to the aim of reducing casualties and saving lives by promoting support for the Red Cross and increasing knowledge about the organization’s operations and by recognizing the achievements of its volunteers and staff.