World Tourism Day

Every September 27th marks World Tourism Day, commemorated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to underscore the contributions of the travel sector worldwide. The event allows countries to highlight their historical attractions as well as modern tourism development efforts.

World Tourism Day

The Origins of World Tourism Day

Established in 1970

World Tourism Day was first celebrated on September 27, 1970 after the date was chosen during the inaugural UNWTO General Assembly held in Mexico in 1969.

Promoting Industry Growth

It aimed to foster awareness about tourism’s positive socio-economic impacts along with responsibility in managing natural and cultural assets protected for future generations.

Sustainable Development Goals

Today, celebrations align with the UN’s 2030 Agenda encouraging inclusive growth while combating issues like climate change and human trafficking.

Tourism’s Role in the Global Economy

Major Income Source

Travel & tourism represents 10.3% of global GDP and more jobs than any other sector, especially benefitting developing nations.

Cultural Expression

By preserving heritage sites and arts, communities retain identities despite modern times while attracting valuable cultural tourism.

Conservation Incentives

Sustainable visitation helps protect natural areas and endangered species by generating income for upkeep and anti-poaching patrols.

Exchange of Ideas

Travel fosters understanding between populations through experiencing foreign lifestyles firsthand which promotes international cooperation.

World Tourism Day Activities

Festivals and Performances

Events spotlight local music, dance, crafts and cuisine to educate locals and visitors alike on diverse world cultures.

Heritage Site Tours

Free entrance days are declared at historical monuments, museums and wilderness zones accompanied by educational guides.

Photo Contests

Theme-based photography competitions across social media promote scenic destinations and travel memories with prizes.

Webinars and Talks

Industry leaders address topics like future travel impacts on communities, emerging markets and policy solutions in virtual seminars.

Travel Blogging Competitions

Writers can win prizes for blogs enthusing readers about different regions’ travel highlights, artisans and experiences.


Through both solemn reflections and joyful celebrations, World Tourism Day reminds the planet, year after year, just how profoundly travel and cultural discovery can positively transform individuals while also furthering economic development on a global scale. It serves as an occasion to safeguard this legacy for generations to come.